DSLR Photography Course for Beginners

No experience required. You will learn how to use your camera in manual mode, make correct exposures and understand the basics like composition, shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

$119.00 (3 hour course)

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3 hour Digital SLR or Mirrorless Photography Beginner Course

Whether you are a complete beginner to photography or have a new DSLR or Mirrorless Camera and have not managed to get it out of Auto yet then this is the course for you.

This beginners course consists of a mix of theory and practice. We cover all those strange knobs and buttons on your camera and all those weird term like depth of field, aperture, shutter, ISO and composition to give you a clear understanding of your camera and DSLR photography. Then we'll put the theory into practice taking photographs around the picturesque Southbank Parklands.

What you will learn :

During the three hour course you will learn how to creatively use your camera functions, understanding and controlling exposure in various light conditions, understanding focal length,perspective and depth of field. You will also learn what is the aperture and ISO in your camera. The white balance and shutter relationship. How to creatively compose your photograph by using the rule of thirds and other concepts will also be discussed.

What kind of camera do you need for this course :

In our photography courses, you'll need a Digital SLR or mirrorless camera to be able to maximize the lessons, as you will need to use the manual functions of the camera. If you have a bridge cameras, it may also be used but please check out with us before booking.

Students will need to bring the following :

  • Digital Camera (DSLR - with ability to manually control shutter/aperture)
  • Fully charged batteries
  • Formatted SD cards with some empty space to photograph
  • Rain jacket or umbrella (if it looks like rain)
  • Camera Manual
  • External Flash (optional)

  • Director of photography : Francis Keating

    Brisbane Photography Courses for beginners

    Ready to kickstart your photography? Check out the available dates:

    Brisbane Photography Courses - Beginners Photography Course
    Brisbane Photography Courses
    Brisbane Photography Courses - Beginners Photography Course
    Brisbane Photography Courses - Beginners Photography Course
    Brisbane Photography Courses - Beginners Photography Course


    " Excellent course! Well structured and clear communication in a relaxed environment. I highly recommend this course - you truly go from amateur to pro in the space of a few hours!. "- Adam

    " I recently completed a photography course beginners and was thoroughly impressed with the entire process from accessing the course, administration before the course and course conduct. Francis was extremely knowledgeable and passed on his knowledge very effectively. I have been struggling to learn to use my camera in manual mode for years and Francis increased my knowledge of photography and my camera from start to finish. I look forward to putting my new found knowledge into use from now on. "- Ian

    " Very informative. Francis is patient, kind and the content is useful. A fantastic experience leaving me excited to get on with the job of becoming a happy-snapper. I will definitely be back for the other courses on offer. "- Luanne

    " Having inherited photographic equipment from an expert photographer I thought I'd try my hand at it - only to find I didn't know how to operate the cameras on anything apart from auto mode!!! Now having done the 3 hour beginners course with Francis Keating I am able to take some pretty good snaps - with me in control. I still have a long way to go but thanks to the patience and expert tuition form Francis I have made a good and satisfying start. Thank you Francis . I highly recommend the beginners course for a kick start into photography or to hone the basic skills you may already have."- Sue

    Good value, and patient teacher

    " I can highly recommend this course. I am not technology-minded and Francis was very patient with me, and good at explaining things. I didn't absorb everything from the course, because I was a bit overwhelmed, but I learnt one or two things, which was my aim. I am now not so frightened of my camera, and I will be using it a lot more often. I am also looking forward to doing another more advanced course when I have mastered the basics!" - Kathy

    "Just want to say how wonderful it was joining your beginners Course yesterday afternoon at South Bank. I learned heaps! Thank you so much!" - Mary

    "Thank you Francis, I have had my SLR Digital camera for many years and on the weekend I learnt how to finally use it properly. I really enjoyed how you ran the class and found your knowledge and your will to share that knowledge very informative. Thanks" - Betty

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